Nina’s Tips & Techniques: New Year Fresh Start – Breakfast

I say this every year, but this is the year! I want to start my day with a healthy breakfast that I can a) enjoy, and b) will keep me full until lunch. How do I make this happen? Help!

I used to work with a dietician who would challenge her clients to park their car, go into a store, and buy a muffin faster than she could scramble and egg. Breakfast is the fastest and easiest meal to prepare – all it really takes to make a change is a commitment to a new routine. Simple, healthy breakfasts will leave you feeling satisfied and full. First, the satisfying part – the key is variety. Try not to eat the same thing every day! One day can be yogurt, fruit, and granola; the next eggs; the next overnight oats etc. They all take about the same amount of time to prepare and having the right ingredients on hand helps – make sure your fridge is stocked with lots of breakfast options! As for making you full until lunch, there are two key things to remember – incorporate healthy fats and proteins and eat enough! I am a big fan of a big breakfast. It keeps me full until lunch time and that helps cut down on the need to snack in between. Also protein helps maintain an even blood sugar level so make sure you’ve got eggs, yogurt, nuts, seeds, tofu, or another protein in there somewhere. And fats make you feel full – cook your eggs in olive oil, top your scramble with an avocado or plop one into your smoothie! Again, it’s about having the right ingredients on hand so putting something together is easy.

What are some make-ahead breakfasts I can prepare for those days where I’m in a pinch for time?

Personally I am a  huge fan of eggs. I eat them all the time for health and taste purposes. I am always looking for make-ahead egg ideas. Also, I am a huge fan of turning leftovers into breakfast, and probably mentioned that here before! The great marriage of eggs and leftovers is frittata and it can be made ahead so simply by mixing beaten eggs, leftover chopped, cooked veggies and cheese or meat. Just mix it all together and bake it in a springform pan or pie plate at 350 until firm. Cut into slices and then reheat them in the microwave each morning. I’ve also become a lover of overnight oats. They are easy to make up in little single-serve jars and then add fresh berries and toasted nuts to after heating each morning.


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