Nina’s Tips & Techniques: Thanksgiving Leftovers

How do I use up ALL this cranberry sauce?

Because of the high sugar and pectin content in cranberry sauce, it lasts for a long time in your fridge, like jelly or jam. I’m not afraid to keep my cranberry sauce around and use it in other meals, but there are some other fun things to do with it as well! Try reheating the cranberry sauce to boiling and pack it in small 8 oz canning jars to give away as easy holiday gifts; swirl it into mayonnaise for an awesome sandwich condiment; mix it with roasted squash or sweet potato for an awesome side dish; toss it with stale bread and some fresh herbs, then stuff it into a whole chicken for roasting. Get creative – this is possibly the best condiment in the world!

There is no room in my fridge! Am I really ever going to use this turkey carcass? I think I’ll just toss it….

NOOO!!! That turkey carcass is like gold! Here’s what you do: pick all the meat off the bone and pack it up to use in soups, sandwiches, or whatever you fancy. Then take a chef’s knife or meat shears and cut through the soft cartilage areas of the carcass (at the joints where the bones join). Cutting the carcass into smaller pieces allows you to pack it into a Tupperware or Ziplock bag easily. If you are not going to make soup any time soon, you can freeze the bones. When you’re ready to use them, just simmer in water with aromatics for a perfect broth.

Featured Recipe: Thanksgiving Turkey Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette