NY Front End Fundraiser – Wilton Food Pantry

This month at our registers in NY, we are raising funds for the Wilton Food Pantry. Located on Ballard Road in Wilton, the Wilton Food Pantry is the closest food pantry to our store and serves the growing community of Wilton.



Started in fall of 2010, the pantry was started by a group of Wilton residents who knew there was a need for a pantry in town. According to their website, “the goal was to create a sustainable organization capable of assisting those in need by working in conjunction with individuals and community leaders, local organizations and businesses.  Standing behind the motto “food is not an option, it’s a necessity” the group set out to formally establish The Wilton Food Pantry.”

Now through September 14th, we are raising money for the Wilton Food Pantry as they gear up for the cooler weather and the holiday season. Ask your cashier to make a donation! Every penny counts!

If you wish to donate food items the pantry, check out the drop of spots, times and their wish list on their website: http://www.wiltonfoodpantry.org/donate/wish-list

Thank you for supporting this amazing organization run by Wilton residents with HUGE hearts!