Produce Department Joins Black River at Westminster Organics and Scott Farm

The produce department has a fun filled day seeing Black River Produce in action and then travelling down to Westminster Organics and Scott Farm to view all of the amazing heirloom apple varieties.

Black River’s operation is complex and it was interesting to see everything in motion.  Black River Produce is a Vermont based food service distributor delivering fresh, frozen and prepared foods to restaurants stores and organizations throughout New England.   Black River is one of our main vendors for many produce items including regional and local items we sometimes can’t source from our local farmers.

Westminster Organics was a complex system of packing and storing organic veggies galore.  It was amazing to see the larger scale operation in full swing and see where some of our southern Vermont produce is coming from and have some time to relax at the Harlow Farmstand!









Next stop was Scott Farm in Dummerston, VT where we got to see beautiful rows of apple trees and taste some of the many amazing heirloom apple varieties.  Scott Farm has such an outstanding selection of heirloom apples, we had so much fun sampling the varieties and learning about their interesting histories.


Come in to the Healthy Living Produce Department to try some of the wonderful Scott Farm Heirloom Varieties, Check out our Westminster Organics and ask us about our farm trips, we’d love to share the fun interesting facts we’ve learned with you!