Product Review: Daiya Cheezy Mac


Now gracing the shelves at Healthy Living is a product that will have vegans rejoicing. Daiya’s mac and cheese line has been introduced into the pasta set, and just the picture on the box will have your mouth watering. It’s not just vegans that will be delighted either- this mac is also gluten free and soy free. Not to mention it’s delicious, so anyone can really enjoy the pure bliss that comes in this little box.

We’ve known Daiya to make an excellent cheese alternative, but they’ve really outdone themselves this time. The cheezy mac line has three different flavors- cheddar style, white cheddar style veggie and alfredo style- each its own palate-pleasing sensation. Instead of powdered flavor packets, the “cheesy” goodness is in a creamy sauce packet that you simply stir into your cooked brown rice pasta. Easy and delicious? What more could you ask for? You should probably just try them all, but you’ll find satisfaction in whatever choice you make.

Cheddar Style: If you’re looking for a Velveeta-style alternative, look no farther than the cheddar style mac. You can’t get much closer to the real deal. Rich, creamy and delicious, it’s sure to fill you up and satisfy your craving.

Alfredo Style: If it’s alfredo that you have a hankering for, Daiya figured out how to give it to you- dairy free! Jazz it up the with sautéed broccoli and your favorite fake chicken strips (try Gardein’s teriyaki chick’n strips- hold the teriyaki sauce) and you’ve got a killer chicken and broccoli alfredo.

White Cheddar Style Veggie: Want to get in your serving of veggies, but don’t feel like adding in your own? Try the white cheddar style veggie. Included in the pasta package are dehydrated peas, carrots and red bell peppers that plump right back up when you boil them with your pasta. Then, mix in the luscious white cheddar style sauce and indulge in a mac that would fool even someone on an unrestricted diet.

So, whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, on a gluten free or soy free diet, or if you’re just curious, take a stroll down the pasta aisle and grab yourself a box and give it a try!

This product review was written by Julie McGilpin, Bulk and Small Vendor Replenishment Buyer for Healthy Living.