Back in 1986 we made our first connections with a few farmers in Northern Vermont and since then our list of partnerships has grown. Supporting farms and farmers is fundamental to what we believe in and what we do at Healthy Living. Sustaining agriculture, keeping land open, and providing our guests with fresh local food are tenets we hold dear; as the years have gone by, it’s been our great joy to see the local food movement take hold. We support farmers in a variety of ways- by purchasing their produce, sending our Staff to their farms to learn and work, inviting them into our store to connect with our guests, contracting with them to co-brand their products, and even helping them purchase and construct a new hoop house. Healthy, happy, thriving farms have always been a major focus of ours- and they are more than ever! Year over year, Healthy Living is one of the leading buyers and re-sellers of locally produced produce, goods and products.

Healthy Living has given countless loans and other creative financing efforts to local producers and farmers over the years to keep our partners growing and thriving. Questions about these opportunities? Email Eli at

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