For over 30 years, Healthy Living has been on a mission to offer our community the best regional and national brands – with an unparalleled focus on working with local farms and local producers. We believe what we sell should be good for you and your families, good for the community, good for our supply partners, and good for the environment. We’re proud and humbled by the trust you’ve placed in us. You make us strive to be even better.

In January 2019, we officially unveiled our new product standards. We’ve superseded our previously tough standards and risen to a new level – a level that is more stringent than any grocery store – anywhere. Guaranteed. We dedicate our new product standards to our beloved guests, staff, suppliers, and planet.


  • More Confidence – When you shop with us, you can trust that every item adheres to our new standards and has been carefully vetted, background checked, researched, and approved. When you’re in our store, you don’t have to worry about sneaky ingredients – or anything else.
  • More Convenience – Since every product has gone through a rigorous selection process, you can spend your time enjoying your shopping experience without taking valuable time deciphering every detail on labels and ingredient lists. If it’s in our store, you’re good to go. Period.


Our buying team – talented, dedicated, amazingly knowledgeable about all things grocery – has carefully reviewed every product on our shelves. We worked with any brand that didn’t initially make the cut to help them adapt their ingredients to our new standards. If that wasn’t possible, those products were replaced with similar, cleaner alternatives.

You may have noticed, or even questioned, some changes on our shelves. Perhaps you’ve wondered why you couldn’t find a favorite product, or why a familiar product has a new look. Just ask us! Your feedback is crucial, so if you have concerns, questions, or suggestions about specific brands or products, be sure to let us know. And if we’ve missed something, we want to know that too! Reach out at to tell us how we’re doing.

Healthy Living has been an integral part of the communities we serve for many years, dedicated to the health and welfare of all. With your help, understanding, and support we have definitively raised the bar on health. Together, we show the world how good grocery shopping can be.



  • Local – Purchased and delivered directly from the producer or grown regionally.
  • Organic – USDA-certified or complies with USDA-certification practices and approved for organic certification by the department.
  • Eco-Grown – Certified eco-grown by the IPM institute. Or verified use of integrated pest management and sustainable practices. Or a hydroponic or aquaponic farm that we buy from directly that does not use pesticides in their production.
  • Non-GMO – We do not buy GMO produce. We buy varieties that are produced by plant breeding through cross pollination only.
    *We only buy imported produce that passed USDA safety inspections.