Steadfast Gluten-Free Beer Tasting


Please join us Thursday June 6th 4PM-7PM at the Healthy Living Demo Center for a Steadfast Gluten-Free beer tasting! Jeremy Hosier, Co-Owner of Steadfast Beer Co, will be personally pouring samples of his Sorghum Pale Ale and answering any questions that you might have!

Celiac? Or just choose to live your life gluten-free? Steadfast Gluten-Free beer has been specifically brewed without the use of barley, wheat or rye: so it’s Celiac-Friendly! All ingredients used are naturally gluten-free and are listed on the back of their bottle labels.

Wait…so if they don’t use grains…what do they ferment? Gluten-free beer substitute ferment-able products include, but are not limited to: rice, sorghum, honey, sugar cane and tapioca.  Steadfast has used Sorghum, a cereal grain that originates in Africa, to ferment for their Pale Ale.

Worried about cross-contamination? They specialize in only brewing gluten-free beer so grains never come into contact with any of their beer. Also, each batch is lab-tested before being bottled and released to ensure that there are no traces of gluten.

Have more questions? Visit for more information on their gluten-free brews.

If you’re at least 21 years of age and have a thirst for knowledge…or just a thirst(!), stop by tomorrow to sample what Steadfast has to offer; just don’t forget to bring your valid photo ID!