The Wonders of the Wonder Seed Facial Cream!


Behold! This little tube of facial cream from The Wonder Seed is something that we consider to be a very special product and a staple here in the Body Care department. Why do we think it’s so special? here are three reasons:

The first is that The Wonder Seed is a great company. They are family owned and operated, eco-concious, 100% natural, and give back to their community through their business.

The second reason is that this cream contains hempseed oil. Hempseed oil naturally contains a plethora of amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to nourish and maintain your skin. Hempseed oil is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, balancing and healing.

The third reason is that alongside hempseed oil, The Wonder Seed has added English Daisy extract to fight and heal blemishes. English Daisy (also known as Bellis Perennis) is  a flower that has powerful astringent properties. In ancient Rome, the doctors who would go with the soldiers into battles would keep bags of English Daisy with them so that they could extract the juice from them to use to heal cuts and wounds. The addition of English Daisy to this facial cream makes it an excellent, simple, natural alternative to over-the-counter acne products.

A face cream that is anti-aging AND fights blemishes for all skin types at the same time?! it exists only from the Wonder Seed. This item is a best seller for us and is the favorite of moms, dads, teens, college students, Healthy Living staff and even local rock stars here in Burlington. We encourage you to come and try this as well as the other amazing products that we carry from The Wonder Seed. You will be amazed!