Unity Vibrations Kombucha Beer: New to Saratoga!


kombucha variety pack

We’ve had an overwhelming request to bring in Unity Vibration’s Kombucha Beers, and we’re happy to announce that they are now officially part of the Healthy Living Saratoga set! Kombucha beer is a wonderful evolution of Unity Vibration’s traditional Kombucha line. It is a blend of their 30-day brewed Kombucha, organic dried hops, and either organic raw ginger root, or organic fresh raspberries that is aged and open-air-fermented in oak barrels and then bottle conditioned. Just like their organic Kombucha, it is raw, 100% organic, gluten-free and vegan!

Unity Vibrations recommends pairing their Triple-Goddess Raspberry with fine cheeses, crackers, bread, dark chocolate, desserts and crapes; while they recommend that you pair the Triple-Goddess Ginger with fresh vegetables and salads, spicy meals, BBQ, or Indian and Thai cuisine. Both are American Wild Ale styles with 8% ABV.

Available now at Healthy Living Saratoga, next to our non-alcoholic Kombucha bottled line in the cooler, in 4-pack combo variety packs for $13.99!