Victorian Street Walk Childern’s Book Author Event at Northshire Bookstore

We had a wonderful experience at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga for their Victorian Street Walk Children’s Book Author Event! Northshire invited us to join forces with them to have a fun and festive party! Northshire organized a book signing & party with some of their favorite children’s book authors. Kiddos got the chance to meet the authors and get their book signed!

The authors that were there:

Jennifer Armstrong, Joseph Bruchac, Kathy Ceceri, Anika & Christopher Denise, Vicki Addesso Dodd, Catherine Golden, Bruce Hiscock , Andrea Mann & Carol Quirk, Will Moses, Dottie Pepper, Jennifer Sattler,Steve Sheinkin.

photo 1 (37)

Guests also enjoyed complementary hot tea and apple cider!Our Bake Shop provided us with some yummy holiday cookies! If you want an amazing cookie platter or treat for your table you can pre-order with us through December 21st HERE. Guests also enjoyed our complementary hot tea and apple cider!

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Demo Coordinator Christina Davis created some magical delights! The Guests LOVED her homemade Sugar Plums, made of dried fruit and nuts. Christina also made some amazing espresso bean shortbread cookies that were just perfect.

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Thank you to all of the staff at Northshire Bookstore for making this wonderful event happen! It was a blast!