VT Front End Fundraiser – Vermont Farm Fund

This month we are supporting The Vermont Farm Fund with our Front End Fundraiser.

The Vermont Farm Fund is an easy access loan program for farmers who have either been struck by disaster, or have an innovative new business idea, their continued success is best served by a quick loan with friendly terms.


The Vermont Farm Fund was conceived as a true revolving loan fund, the VFF uses payments made from one generation of loans to finance the next. The result is a growing community of farmers and community members lending money to farmers when it is most needed.  When farmers and food producers take a loan from the VFF, they become part of the larger agricultural lending community; it’s their payments that are in essence “paid forward” to be invested in other sustainable businesses, promoting a virtuous cycle.

Now through the end of July, just ask your cashier and donate whatever amount you would like. Each donation gets posted up in the Front End of the store and goes directly to  the VFF to help continue providing assistance to our local farmers.


Thank you for supporting the Vermont Farm Fund.  And, thank you to the Center for an Agricultural Economy for administering the VFF, making it possible to fund incredible work by our farmers and food producers!