What’s On My Plate

Hello, world! It’s May, which means it’s Spring and the month we celebrate Mother’s Day. Three awesome Healthy Living staff moms are here to tell us about themselves. 

Our mom stories range from funny to inspiring to emotional. Read on to hear what it’s like juggling two careers; one at Healthy Living and the other doing the never-ending work of mothering.  

Are they busy? Are they inspired? Are they tired? Yes, yes, and (very much) yes!


MOM 1: Lisa Ploof, Front End Supervisor, Saratoga

I was born and raised in South Burlington and loved going to Healthy Living with my mom to shop in the Bulk department—back when it was in the Blue Mall! As a small child, I always thought Healthy Living had the best selection of “fancy chocolate.” I still think so! 

When I first started working here 11 years ago, I didn’t have any small humans, but now I have two wonderful daughters: Micah, 10, and Skyler, 7. From day one I knew I was in the right place. Healthy Living has always been so flexible and accommodating to my scheduling needs, allowing me to be a fully present parent while remaining in the workforce.

Balancing work and being a mom is exhausting, but also rewarding! I’ve become something of a second mom to a lot of my staff, which I love. Being a mom helped me grow so much, and I’ve found that the parenting skills I’ve developed (coaching, listening, communicating, accountability, and most of all patience!) are applicable to my supervisor role.

Kids’ Favorite Product

My kiddos love to explore the Jelly Cats and find new snacks. And guess what? Their favorite department is Bulk, just like mine when I was small.

MOM 2: Sammy Castonguay, Specialty Buyer / Supervisor, Williston (pic)

I am a true ‘of the earth’ type of person. I love to garden and spend time outdoors, and really strive to use my artistry in everything I do. My daughter, Willow, 9, follows in my footsteps. Her favorite Spring/Summertime activity is searching for frogs and snakes after a rainstorm!

Before starting at Healthy Living three and a half years ago, I spent many years in the restaurant industry, gaining knowledge of food and wine. Making meals for my family and friends is my love language! One of my favorite ways to experience life is trying new things (especially food!) and taking road trips to new places. You never know what you will find along the way!

I feel incredibly lucky to have such support and flexibility from my peers when it comes to balancing work and the demands of being a mom. There is a lot of care and understanding when my daughter is sick or has a snow day, and I know that I can count on my team to cover my responsibilities when I am unable to come in. 

Kids’ Favorite Product

Willow loves Grafton Bear Hill Sheep Cheese and Bakerly Brioche Rolls!

MOM 3: Heidi Green, Bulk Department Buyer and Supervisor, South Burlington (kid pics here)

Working at Healthy Living has given me the opportunity to explore healthy options for my little one, Maeve, 4—who is a spitfire! She’s energetic, always laughing and smiling, and loves being the center of attention everywhere we go. As a working mom, it feels so good to be able to provide her with nutritious meals!

I’ve been here for almost 4 years, and Healthy Living has always been very supportive and respectful of families. This makes it easier to manage being both a mom and working full time. 

I’m even able to bring Maeve to work on occasion, if necessary, and management seems to welcome and enjoy visits from the little ones. It always brightens my day to hear her excited tiny voice screeching “momma” followed by seeing her smiling face come running into my department on an otherwise busy or stressful day.

Kids’ Favorite Product

Maeve loves Applegate GF Chicken Nuggets and Dr. Praeger’s Sweet Potato Littles.


Because we know that the cost of childcare has a huge impact on staff with young families, this year we added a new childcare benefit. We contribute $20 a week for each dependent that goes directly into the staff member’s Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.  

We have parents perks for guests, too! (Caleb Ng great image of a new parent perk at Healthy Living)

I’m grateful and inspired every day by the parents who are part of our team! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there.   

 I’m a mommy too,  


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