Brandy Creamed Mushrooms

-2 Tbsp butter

-1 cup mushrooms; cut into thin slices

-1 shallot; minced

-2 oz brandy

-1 1/2 cup leftover gravy

-1/2 cup heavy cream

-1 Tbsp coarsely cracked peppercorns

-1 Tbsp sugar

-Salt; as desired

Heat a sauté pan to medium high heat and add butter. Once butter is fully melted and starts to foam, add mushrooms. Let sit and brown for a minute or two and then toss and let brown again on other side. If you toss too much they will steam and not brown. Once mushrooms are a little browned add shallot and cook, stirring frequently, until shallot is soft and fragrant. VERY carefully, stand back and add brandy to FLAMBE! Pan will ignite. Shake pan gently to put out flames. Add gravy and cream and lower heat, whisking constantly. Add remaining ingredients and let bubble for a minute or two. Serve over grilled steak or creamy polenta.