Easy Apple Sauce

  • 5lb of apples, mixed varieties
  • 1/2-1 cup apple cider or water
  • Sugar to taste

You will want to choose a good mixture of apple varieties; some soft flesh and some firmer, some very sweet and some tart. This will give your apple sauce a wonderful depth of flavor! Cut the apples into 2 inch chunks, with skins and cores intact. Place all the chopped apples in a large pot. Add the cider or water, it should be just enough to keep the bottom from scorching. Over low heat, cook the apples (covered) for about an hour or until they are so soft that they are falling apart and the skins are very tender. You will want to stir the apples frequently while they are cooking. Working in batches, place the cooked apples into the bowl of a food mill and churn the mixture, discarding cores and skins at the end of each batch. If you don’t have a food mill, you can use a colander or a sieve, pushing the mixture through with a large wooden spoon. While the sauce is still hot, add sugar to taste. If you are using good, fresh fall apples you shouldn’t need much sugar at all.