Garlic Scape Soup with Fresh Spinach

  • 2 TB butter or extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 dozen garlic scapes, green shoots chopped
  • 3 large russet potatoes, unpeeled, ½” dice
  • 5 cups vegetable stock
  • 2 large handfuls spinach leaves, chopped
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • ¼ cup heavy cream

If you are wondering what to do with those lovely loopy green stalks with the elegant bud and taper on the tip, here is one solution.  This is a bright green soup with lots of flavor and nutrients.

Heat the butter or oil in a large soup pot over medium heat, then add the scapes and sauté for 2 minutes. Add the potatoes and stock, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes until the potatoes are cooked through. Remove pot from heat, add the chopped spinach leaves and puree using an immersion blender or table top blender (in batches). Season with lemon juice, salt and a few grinds of black pepper. Whisk in the heavy cream. Taste and add salt, lemon juice and/or pepper as needed.

Adapted from 101