Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Black Garlic Mayo

-2 slices of polenta bread or bread of choice

-1/2 lb. of good quality cheddar cheese (we love Vault #5 from Jasper Hill Farms); half sliced and half shredded

-4 slices of bacon (optional)

-1/2 of an avocado; sliced thin

-Honey mustard; as desired

-1/2 cup of sprouts

-Black garlic mayonnaise

-Butter; as needed

Assemble sandwich by filling two slices with cheese and cooked bacon. Spread honey mustard on inner face of one slice of bread and close sandwich. Spread a generous amount of mayonnaise on outer face of both slices of bread. Coat both faces with shredded cheese and press to adhere to mayo. Heat a pan to medium-high and add butter. Once butter foams, add sandwich to pan and grill both sides until golden brown and cheese is fully melted. Open sandwich back up and add fresh avocado and greens, serving hot.